About this blog


First off, my name is Ada, pronounced ‘aw-duh’ or in Spanish for you – ‘ah-dah’ (kind of). Nice to meet you! Please feel welcome to prop up a chair and get cozy in my little corner of the internet.

So, I’ve had this idea sort of just floating around in my head for a while without really being a fully formed ..thing. Now, it has taken shape as an idea to create an online community of sorts that embraces honesty about what it feels like to be a young adult in the early twenty-first century.

Feel free to look around, I’m just starting so please bare with me as I hope to teach myself a little bit about web stuff (and maybe post a link on here later about my journey in learning html and CSS with tips and advice) and add new content including vlogs, posts exploring sexuality or exploring in general, and collaborations with people around the globe!

Also, brownie points if anyone can guess what the name of this website means or is a metaphor for? HINT: the words “dawdling” and “strides” are synonyms for a description of a creature I named this blog after.

That’s all for now folks!



2 thoughts on “About this blog

    1. Shipping usually takes about 2-10 sleep cycles. It comes to you in your sleep. It’s not guaranteed you will remember this, but it WILL be everything you’ve ever dreamed a unicorn could be, and then a 1000x better still! 😉

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