I’m going to Canada!

I’m taking off for fall break this year!! Finally can cross off going to maple syrup country!

Before you murder me, I know Canada isn’t all about maple syrup that’s probably just a very popular stereotype (although I hear pouring maple syrup on snow is a popular treat in the winter months actually?) but I’ve never been and I’m still very curious about figuring out if the Canadian bills are scratch&sniff maple syrup leaves…. (if you have an honest answer please comment below!)

So I’m a college student in the Pacific Northwest, that’s this little corner right here

It's rainy and often cloudy but I love this patch of earth
It’s rainy and often cloudy but I love this patch of earth

for those of you not in the U.S. It’s green, and lush, and air quality is MUCH better than in my home town – LA – and I’m really excited because I have fall break this weekend! We get an additional two days off (Monday and Tuesday) from classes after we’ve done all our midterms.

Last year, I really wanted to go to Canada but alas I suck at making plans and sticking to them without an actual itinerary so this time I made an itinerary for everything BUT the trip. So I’ve planned to finish all my work by tomorrow (Sunday) morning and then I’m off to go adventure! I’m hoping to catch a bit of the foodie scene and bar scene in Vancouver since I’ve never been to a bar (I’m 20, give me a break) and then I’m hoping to go camping 30 minutes away from the city and I’m wishing really hard that there will be a clear sky because there’s rain in the forecast but if I manage to have a clear night there will be stars out! Camping under the stars always sounds romantic even if it’s by yourself!

So check back for some pictures of my trip!

Remember the world is only always as wonderful as you make it so share a little bit of love! Maybe some popcorn and chocolates with a loved one and make them smile!

Where are you guys from? Any upcoming trips you’re planning or places you want to cross off from your bucket-list? I would love to know! Comment below and maybe we can like, swap stories or pictures of all our adventures thus far!



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