How to Figure Out Everything- Around Your Twenties.

As many might want or expect, your 20's are supposed to be the time of your life when you go backpacking across Europe, surfing all up and down the West Coast, finally moving out of your parents house and into your own place, going out with friends, and meeting new interesting people at bars and … Continue reading How to Figure Out Everything- Around Your Twenties.

Vulnerability: The interpersonal and personal perspective.

So this post sort of wrote itself about 3 years ago now (2019) I just found it again in my drafts. It was originally just going to be shared on Facebook and I was going to write my short caption about my thoughts on it but then I kept writing and I kept deleting it because it was far too long to capture the attention of my online friends scrolling through their daily feed and I really wanted to explain this experience well as a way to set it up that makes sense for me too. So here goes...

Congratulations Me, You’ve Returned.

No, this isn't *just* a self-congratulatory post honoring my intentions to return to blogging amidst a destabilized US government convinced that the self-destruction of itself and it's citizens is the only option.. This is a post aiming to give a general 'hello' and "brief" recap of where I left off and where I'm picking back up from 6 years ago.. As Last Seen On "Dawdling Strides"...

Depression’s Worst Enemy.

Living with any kind of long-term illness is a challenge, living with an invisible disability can feel almost impossible sometimes. Depression is a debilitating illness that affects millions of people worldwide and yes, it is a deadly disease. While many other illnesses can wreak havoc on your immune system, strength, diet, schedule, and overall greatly … Continue reading Depression’s Worst Enemy.

Un-Revolutionize It: Tiny Homes

So I know that this is generally considered a "new" idea or movement. Tiny homes are growing in popularity recently especially in the sense that they feed well into the environmentally sound/responsible aspect this generation is growing so fond of. However, Tiny Homes have been around for years. I'm not just talking about since the … Continue reading Un-Revolutionize It: Tiny Homes

What it’s like to be a “white” person of color..

In the 9th grade a teacher made several points to call me out in front of the class for mistakes I'd made. Often times they were in essays she would be correcting at the time and I distinctly remember once her asking me about a grammatical mistake I had made, I had written "see's" intending … Continue reading What it’s like to be a “white” person of color..